Spring Clean

Time for a Spring Clean


Ocean & Country’s Top Five Suggestions of Things You Should Tidy Away While Selling Your Home


It’s easier than you might think to make your home a model show home, even while you’re still living there.

You should think about tidying a few things away during the period that your home is on the market. This will make it all the more appealing to prospective buyers.

Here are Ocean & Country’s top five things you should consider tidying away…

Picture This

Prospective home buyers want to picture themselves in the house. Too many family photos all around the house can make it hard for potential buyers to imagine themselves owning the house.

If new buyers can only see you and your family in every room they look into, it will make it difficult for them to envisage their own family living there.

It’s a Dog’s Life

Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit or something a little more exotic, remember to tidy away any half chewed pet toys. Smelly stuffed animals and half chewed tennis balls are part of a dog’s life, but potential buyers may find this unappealing.

Prospective buyers will think your pet has the run of the house and it may give the buyer other concerns, regarding any possible damage caused to the house by your pets. By simply having a tidy up you can prevent these thoughts occurring to the buyer in the first place.

Damaged Goods

Do you keep a plunger next to the bathroom sink, even just for an emergency? Tidy it away in a cupboard, it will prevent potential buyers from thinking you have something wrong with your plumbing, even if you only keep it next to the sink as a precaution.

A Tidy Mind

That extra bedroom you have is great as an office, home gym or place to store all your unwanted junk. If your spare room is a dumping ground for boxes of old CDs and VHS tapes, think about taking a trip to the charity shop.

If you can’t part with Auntie Mable’s collection of Toby Jugs, think about storing them in your attic or with a friend until you’ve successfully sold your house.

The extra bedroom should be presented as such. An extra bedroom is much more of a selling point than a home gym or home office, and certainly more so than a junk room.

Buyers need to see a tidy home, where they can imagine themselves living.

Last Orders

If you have a lot of alcohol in the house, put it somewhere out of sight. Potential buyers come from all walks of life, some may not have the same lifestyle as you and an excess of bottles of booze could be off putting.

A few bottles of wine in a wine rack is fine.

If in doubt, remember... out of sight, out of mind.

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